Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cogo's dividend policy: dividends for me, not for you

Dividend policy

Prior to the share exchange with Trident on July 22, 2004, we declared dividends of RMB41.4 million ($5.0 million) on our common stock and paid such dividend to the shareholders of record prior to the share exchange in September 2004. During the last two fiscal years we have not declared any other cash dividends on our common stock.

We currently intend to retain our future earnings, if any, to finance the further development and expansion of our business and do not intend to pay cash dividends in the foreseeable future. Any future determination to pay dividends will be at the discretion of our board of directors and will depend on our financial condition, results of operations, current and anticipated cash needs, restrictions contained in current or future financing instruments, plans for expansion and such other factors as our board of directors deems relevant.

 What a great policy. I'll pay dividends to myself, but I won't be paying any to you.

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