Sunday, May 29, 2011

COGO multiple discoveries & (DELETED) 's excellent past,(DELETED) 's Thesis

On Saturday morning I woke up from my hostel and found an e-mail from a friend saying I should talk to a bright (DELETED) undergraduate named David since we had something in common.

It turned out we definitely did have something in common. (DELETED) had, before I ever started digging around the 10Ks of COGO, written a very intelligent short thesis on COGO. We lived half-way across the world from each other and (DELETED) is a half a decade younger than I am. This was a perfect example of a multiple discovery.

Also (DELETED) comes from (DELETED) , where a group of graduate students over a decade earlier had discovered Enron had very fishy books, this was before Chanos came onto the scene.

I got the greenlight, here is his thesis!


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