Tuesday, May 24, 2011

COGO, wei? ni shi shei? (hello, who are you?) - calling of COGO

I am about done rounding up my research on the SEC filings, now I am trying to contact COGO by phone. Which has been so far an aggravating experience

I tried scanning their craptastic website,, for a phone number. Which there wasn't one, only a number for their conference calls. Then I tried calling the number listed on their SEC filings (86)-755-267-43210.  I think this number got me to the sales department for the ShenZhen Comtech (this is the subsidary owned by contractual agreements...oy vey)

First Call

Called them up to get some clarity on what the heck they do, and their stock repurchases. The lady answering the phone didn't speak good enough English, so I talked to Woodrow Zhang, who didn't speak good English as well but said I should e-mail him at  I e-mailed him, and asked him to e-mail me back right away to confirm this was a useful e-mail address. Thirty-forty minutes later, there was no reply and I am antsy for information. So I called back again to get a hold of Woodrow Zhang.

Second Call

Lady answered the phone didn't speak good enough English and handed the phone to somebody else who said Ni shuo shenme? Wo ting bu dong. Ting bu dong. (What are you saying? I don't understand, I don't understand.)  I asked to speak to someone else who spoke English better, but then the phone hanged up. The jerk just hanged up on me.

Third Call

Once again, the lady who answered the phone didn't speak good enough English. So I was transferred to someone else who did. I asked them why they hanged up on me, and they said because So now I am planning to call back at two when their break time is over.

The ridiculous journey continues.

update: I called at two and got a hold of woodrow and now have a verified address. I sent him my list of questions, we will see if we can get any information now.  

upddate2: Woodrow says the company manly sells equipment, does little of design work. He didn't know about any of my "sucks" (stocks) question. 

I have also found the IR e-mail  I'll update any info I find.

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