Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taiwan Bubble

Earlier this afternoon I got restless and decided to go on a scooter trip. I thought I might just take the fastest route to the ocean but after checking in with my iPhone I realized it would take me about a hour to get there by scooter and by then my ass would hurt, my scooter would be low on fuel again and I wouldn't get anything out of seeing the ocean.

I was about to turn around my scooter and head back to my apartment when I saw a giant empty apartment building. I figured it was a good day to take some photos of some empty apartments.

Here are a few of the buildings I saw. I'll post the whole thing + the videos later.

This is the "My Way" building, large and empty. I walked by there, had a huge chandelier in the lobby and a grand piano. Definitely selling to the folks who are trying to live upper class. Yet, it's ghastly empty.

This is one of the MANY empty buildings by WenShan district. I actually took this picture catty-corner from another empty building.  This is another giant empty apartment complex in WenShan. Notice the decrepit house in front of the opulent building? Yeah, that's ridiculous. So many rooms, so few people inside.

There is a lot more that I haven't posted yet, and I'll eventually do a mega post with all the pictures I took (in one afternoon mind you, maybe within a 3 hour span, not long at all.) I'll also post about the new Luxury Tax and how this is affecting the housing boom.

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