Monday, May 9, 2011

wow...Simoleon Sense Resources

Decided to go through all the blogs on the Simole0n Sense site...dear god he has lots of links.  Lots of blogs out there I didn't know about, a few take aways.

  1. seemingly disproportional amount of value investors hail from Singapore. Loads

  2. lots of broken links, or blogs that have been abandoned. Nothing wrong on Simoleon, just goes to show how hard it is to keep up a good site. Very easy to start a blog and finish

  3. LOTS OF MARKET CALLING. Sweet mother of buddha's belly...even though almost everyone claimed to be a value investor, everyone is wondering about what Mr. Market is doing or will be he cheap? is he expensive? Is QE2 affecting returns? Is there a pull back? Gahh.... Not much on individual value.

1 comment:

  1. Keep up the great blog Joshua. I'm a fan and subscriber. I'm surprised you went through my list of blogs.