Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How big are the China Frauds? SINA...could it be?

A long time ago I made a google  doc list of all the possible china frauds that fit within a specific range of market cap. You can see it here

This is the same list that lead me to COGO, a company with accounting that makes your head spin.  I went after COGO first because of the low amount of shares short and cash flows looked suspicious off the bat, also because it was just a 220 million dollar company. I mean, could there really be a billion dollar fraud cap out there?

Well obviously there was with Longtop. So now I wonder if the biggest company on that list could be a fraud as well...SINA.

Thinking about looking into this one, would be crazy if this one is screwing with it's accounting as well. I mean, this is a 7 billion dollar company.

update: I want to make sure, I don't have any evidence that falsifies SINA's claims, I am just wondering where will all these Chinese stocks end?

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