Monday, June 6, 2011

moving blog soon & walrus value is hiring

Moving my blog soon. Not sure where I want to move it.  Any suggestions?

Blogger has google analytics and allows for more embedding  but the sites generally looks really ugly. Best part it's free!, this is what i have now, but I'd want to change it to a matching url. I like layout, but I can't get google analytics and I have trouble embedding most videos. Best part, it's free!, this is what I'd aspire to. I would have my own domain, and lots of flexibility in terms of what I could post and the stats with google analytics.  The worst part, it costs money...and I really dislike spending money.

Right now I am leaning toward Blogger, anyone have any bad things to say about blogger?


Also, I am currently trying to hire a Taiwanese student or recent graduate to do some research for me. I am utterly fascinated with these Chinese frauds but I can only point out red flags in the SEC filings. I need someone to get me to the next step... SAIC filings, talking to vendors, customers and court filings.

Here is my advertisement I am posting on the internet college board:




I am an American living in Taiwan looking into several mainland Chinese companies that are possibly committing accounting fraud on the US listed stock exchanges.  I need a native Chinese speaker to help me do research.


  1. Researching information on mainland Chinese web sites

  2. Calling companies in order to gain information

  3. Calling Chinese government offices to get information

  4. Translating documents and conversations into English.

  5. Reading Chinese financial documents


  1. Native Chinese speaker

  2. Ability to read and  type in simplified  Chinese

  3. Ability not to be intimated by high government officials or corporate executives

  4. Understanding of Business &  Accounting


  1. 200NT per hour

Call Josh at: 09.75.303081 or e-mail at

I need someone immediately, please do not hesitate to call if this interests you.

This is a part time job that, that may last a week or a month.  Anyone is welcomed to apply as long as you feel qualified, students or graduates.


Update: I have already gotten one resume in, I am psyched.

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