Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Putting projects on the back burner

(no real meat in this entry, more of a diary post, I'd advise skipping) 

Often researchers hit a road block and decide to put their project on the back burner.  I am finding that happening to me at the moment. There are three projects I am currently working on but, haven't found a way to get to the next level.

My three projects:

This the Chinese RTO I've been obsessed with. Unfortunately, without being able to talk to the management, the IR or knowing the Chinese names for the subsidiaries, I have hit a road block. This is on the back burner until I can hop on the conference call or I find some other avenue. 

2. Old Short Analysis
This is deals with finding the short thesis for a famous bear raid that happened. I haven't been able to find a reasonable enough short thesis for this company, partly because I don't know most of the players involved and the ones I've messaged refuse (understandably) to talk about it over the internet or the phone.

3. Hedge Fund with odd returns
This is my current fascination. I've started to dive into a very prestigious hedge fund with odd returns and a funky story. It all could be nothing but rattles me. I should be posting about this soon, but currently my notes are a mess and I'm waiting for some information.


Here is a gratuitous Youtube video about optical illusions and a catchy song. Enjoy & sorry about the diary post.

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