Monday, June 20, 2011

(Updated) Listed Chinese Companies With Indicative Interest

*Indicative interest as of 06/17/2011 from Interactive Brokers. I looked up each individual securities indicative interest rate and manual entered them into the spreadsheet. I Indicative interest fluctuates with supply and demand of lendable shares, so please beware this is a snapshot and will change with time

After reading Barron's article about the high costs of shorting Chinese companies and the high fees short sellers have to pay during the stock halt, I decided to revisit my list of Chinese listed companies. 

I originally made this list about a month after CCME got halted. It's not a complete list of all Chinese companies but I think it's useful. It's the same list that led me to COGO. I have already had to clean out some companies that have been halted such as:  YUII, CHBT and WATG. These Chinese companies are being hit hard.

In the newly revised list, I have included the indicative short interest, which is the interest rate lenders charge you for borrowing their shares. Interestingly enough, COGO has one of the lowest borrowing costs of any of the shares.

  • 5 Chinese companies with the lowest indicative interest:  PWRD -0.25, COGO -0.495, SVM -0.498, SVA -0.554, GSOL-0.591
  • 5 Chinese companies with the highest indicative interest: AUTC -107.961; LLEN -106.571; SHZ -104.848; CVVT -94.66; DEER -92.58

Here is the full excel below

*I was unable to find the indicative interest for HGSH

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