Thursday, June 9, 2011

(VIDEO) China Agritech, Glickenhaus, Sterngold on Bloomberg

Great** video of Jim Glickenhaus and Sterngold discussing China Agritech on Bloomberg (Long video, 16 and half minutes, first 1/3 is about the market, the last 2/3rds is about China Agritech)

**I do not mean great as in Glickenhaus video was great. I should have been more clear when I originally posted this and I wasn't. I post a negative article on Glickenhaus's analysis here: Sorry I was not clear when I originally posted this. This video is a great example how of people who manage lots of money can get things very wrong.


  1. It's one thing for Bloomberg to have Glickenhous on to toute CAGC, but to let him publicly trash Hempton with no perspective on the other side of the story was irresponsible.

    Let's hope Bloomberg has updated their viewers on the events OF CAGC since that video. The longs that toute these frauds, like Global Hunter and Glickenhouse, need to have more reputation damage than they've had. If a short got a fraud wrong they would be publicly tarred and feathered.


    James Glickenhaus

  3. Hi James,

    I'll be taking a look at this over the weekend. It would be interesting talking to you if you are available,