Wednesday, May 23, 2012

(video) David Sokol - Lubrizol Affair - Wall Street 2

Remember the Lubrizol affair with David Sokol? For those who do, you might smirk at this clip from Wall Street 2.

Postscript: This video is met for entertainment. I believe Sokol got worse than he deserved.


  1. David Sokol did not double dip my friend! It wasn't a sure bet that the Oracle would end up buying Lubrizol. Warren seldom buys the companies he suggested. In the words of Warren when he was asked about supporting the Buffett rule, "When I and Charlie took this job we weren't required to put our citizenship in a blind trust." Apply that quote to David Sokol's position as a citizen. The man is allowed to privately purchase shares in a public company without having his boss dismiss purchasing it first. The question we have solve first and foremost is at what rate has Warren bought into David's suggestions during his tenure at Bershire?

  2. You are right. This post was supposed to entertain; thanks for commenting on the shades of grey.

  3. JOSH!

    Your links and commentary are great, and I certainly can't criticize anyone for posting stuff like that (I am probably the guiltiest of doing that!). That said, I am looking forward to reading more of your ideas on here. :)