Friday, January 24, 2014

investment booklist & borrowing hard to find books for free

Lots of investment blogs have booklists, yet if you want a list of uncommon investment books (and related material) with a discussion check out Sanjeev Parsad's The Corner of Berkshire Hathaway and the message board on books:

The list is 100+ books long and usually there is a discussion of each book. I highly recommend using this resource. If you know of a great book that could help an investor (think deep: a rare biography on a great investor, a resource on understanding oil & gas firms, or a great psychology book) please add to it.

After you found a great book but can't find it anywhere or it's cost prohibitive on Amazon, I highly suggest going to your local library and doing an interlibrary loan. Generally these loans are free or have a minimum fee. The two downsides of interlibrary loans are, (1) you won't be able to renew the lend so you'll have a hard time limit on the borrow and (2) if you live in a non-English speaking country you might have trouble accessing these books through the library system.

You'll need to check with your local library on how to sign up for interlibrary loans. For my library I needed to set up an adjacent account and apply for the books online. They also hidden the link to the interlibrary loan service, so please ask your library about the service instead of giving up if you don't find links right away.


  1. Good luck getting Klarman's book thru interlibrary loan system. I've gotten a lot of books this way and very rarely pay for one yet can still read 1 investment book a week. Good advice must ppl don't know of this and waste money on Amazon

  2. There are loads of copies of Margin of Safety out there, but they are not legal. Love the name Raw Bourbon, Ragnar is that you?